This page contains some programs developed to enhance the realism of VANET simulations over Estinet simulator. Also, this page includes some modified code based on former open source version of Estinet (NCTUns) to enable our own VANET routing protocol and some other features.

Code of "Transient analysis of idle time in VANETs using Markov-reward models."

NCTUns code

The following zip file contains the modified code of NCTUns 6.0 to measure idle time in a 802.11p simulation.


This program uses a poly.xml file to generate a Estinet/NCTUns project with the buildings contained in the poly.xml file. The .poly.xml file contains the polygons information from Open Street Maps and it can be created using polyconvert (a tool of SUMO).

Poly2NCTUns constructs the buildings in the Estinet/NCTUns project employing the "obstacles" of Estinet. Obstacles is a native object in Estinet.