Research projects

Here is a list of projects in which I have worked or being working currently

On going projects

Finished projects

  1. E-iroads
    • EPN project code- PIJ-15-20
    • Responsible: Xavier Calderón Hinojosa
  2. Modeling of PER-PAPR in ad hoc networks.
    • EPN Spanish Project Code PIJ-16-01
    • Responsible: Cecilia Paredes
    • Webpage:
  3. INRISCO: INcident Response In Smart COmmunities: QoS and Privacy
  4. CONSEQUENCE: Continuity of Service, Security and QoS for Transportation Systems
  5. EMRISCO: EMergency Response In Smart COmmunities: Privacy and QoS.
    • National Spanish Project Code - TEC2013-47665-C4-1-R
    • Responsible: Mónica Aguilar