Telematics II 16B

The objective of this course is to provide students the concepts and the tools to design or administrate of Wide Area Networks technologies. Along the course, students will learn/revise Data link layer functioning, Layer 2 protocols like HDLC and PPP, WAN protocols set such as Frame Relay, ATM and MPLS.

Since, a big part of the course is devoted to WAN protocols and technologies. That part of the course is supported by the slides prepared by Rick Graziani from Cabrillo College for different Cisco Courses (CCNA 4 and CCNP material). I truly appreciate this very good material. Of course some slides were modified and others included into the presentations to better fit the level of this course.

One the objectives of the course is the design and administration of this kind of network. Students will learn optimization tools to apply "Traffic Engineering" in the network.